Use this Rummu underwater prisonUse this Rummu underwater prison

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When Estonia became independent, demand for the limestone decreased, there were new laws


Rummu Quarry

With Estonia’s independence, demand for limestone decreased.  The creation of new laws changed prison conditions, reducing the available labor force.  This eliminated the need of keeping the whole quarry dry.  As pumps were shut down, parts of the quarry flooded.  The flooding occurred much faster than expected and as a result, divers can now tour the abandoned equipment and underwater buildings. 

When the “Murru” prison got its new eastern border, the remaining dry quarry (including the large buildings, fences, walls and the guard roads), became unnecessary and the rest of the pumps were shut down.  The whole quarry quickly filled with clean spring water.

Nowadays almost everything under water is as it was before the flood.  This multifarious underwater world is like a unique museum, making Rummu Lake a very popular destination for many divers.  Diving is suitable from beginners to advanced.

A large barge is available to transport our divers to the choicest spots of the quarry.  Underwater buildings, fairytale sunken forests, various fish species combined with awesome visibility await you. Jump in!

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[icon_tick state=”on”] 2 nights accommodation in Rummu holiday village
Catering could be ordered separately or you can bring your own food

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