1. Preparation

You need to have at least OWD certification or higher to participate in dive packages. For example Rummu quarry is suitable for beginners and max depth there is only 14m. Shipwrecks are at the depths between 6-40m. As rule of thumb we dive to maximum of 40m deep to keep you safe during your vacation. For technical divers we can organize special trips where you can make deeper dives.

Please bring your Certification Cards with you and DAN or other diving insurance, if you have it! Insurance is strongly recommended!

Most of the historical shipwrecks are under the protection of Estonian Heritage Board and we have obtained all neccessary permissions to organize such dives. During the trip you will be briefed about diving regulations and you need to fill a list of paperwork regarding safety of Heritage Protection and your Health status.

Water temperature in Baltic Sea is cold, so if possible you should bring your drysuit, cold water regulator and other accessories what will keep you warm & comfortable.  In July-August water is getting  warmer and diving in Wetsuit + Shorty (5- 7mm) wetsuit is OK. We always provide weights and single 12L or 15L tanks for clients as part of the package. If you want to dive with double tanks, you should bring your own set.  Rental equipment is also available but you should inform us what you need at least 1 week before your trip!

It´s good to bring along windproof Jackets & Trousers and also a Towel to use between and after the dives. Also bring a Hat that would keep your ears in good condition for the following dives.

2. Transportation

Rummu quarry is ca 50km from Tallinn and it take no more than 1 hour to drive there.  We can dive there even at stormy days and weather is not an issue. If youre package includes accommodation at Rummu Holliday Village: Comfortable 8 person cottages with sauna, shower, toilet will be provided. You have possibility to prepare your own food or it can be ordered there for extra charge. Nearest supermarket is 15km away.  Most of the dives are made from special built 60m2 ferry what take you to the best diving spots of the lake. Water is warmer than in the sea and visibility is from good to excellent all round the year.  Wetsuit diving is ok during summer season. Your nondiving friends can explore the quarry by snorkeling or rent a canoes. Rummu offers also possibility to organize land tours and excursion to former prison area.

Hiiumaa is also Island, so getting there is possible only with ferry or boat. You will get there by diving vessel ´Deep Explorer´  from port Dirhami. You can drive with your car, or transfer vehicle will take you to port Dirhami from Tallinn and if weather allows, we don´t need to take the ferry, but can use our diving vessel.  If weather condition are rough, then you can leave your diving gear to diving vessel  ´´DE´´ and we will take ferry as safe option to travel the distance between mainland and Hiiumaa. In this case diving vessel will wait until weather will get better and follow us ASAP. Transfers between accommodation place and boat harbour at Hiiumaa will be organized by us.

Read more about Saaremaa & Hiiumaa: http://www.visitestonia.com/en/holiday-destinations/the-islands/hiiumaa-island

Transportation between accommodation and boat harbour (9km) is organized by us as part of the diving package. Distance between Tallinn, Rummu Quarry and Saarema (250km) you can travel with your own car, but it is also possible to orde extra transfer service from us. Getting to Island Saaremaa includes taking ferry from port Virtsu to port Kuivastu. Ferry Schedule & Prices you can find from here: https://www.praamid.ee/wp/?lang=en

NB! If you are traveling to Saaremaa during the weekend, please make sure you book your ferry tickets in advance.

Read more about Saaremaa: http://www.visitestonia.com/en/holiday-destinations/the-islands/saaremaa-island

3. Other information

Non divers are welcome to join us and we will provide special discounts for them. If your non-diving family is coming also, then we will help you to organize awesome vacation for them as well. Riding with horses, nature tours, visit of Spa-s and etc.

To make the trip happen we need to have at least 6 pax in the group. If you are making your booking, we will inform you about the status of your dates. If the trip is canceled because there is not enough divers we will refund 100% of your deposit.

Min & Max group size:

Rummu&Saaremaa  7/18

Rummu&Hiiumaa 8/14

Rummu&Tallinn 6/18

Rummu  6/18

All meals are served together with icewater and all other drinks you can buy separately.  Alcoholic beverages are ok to drink if you are not diving. Please make sure that you will dive only when feeling good and in good health condition.
Please note that boat crew has always right to suspend people from diving, if you are under influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs!

If you are on a Special Diet or you have Food Allergies, please let us know beforehand and you will get different menu.

Be ready for sunny and calm days, but also for the rain and strong winds. Weather can change quickly and we will make sure that dives will be made only with safe conditions. If weather doesn’t allow us to dive at sea, we will organize land tours to keep you Busy & Happy.  ´Force Majore´ is stronger than us, so please be patient and we will give 100% effort that you trip will be awesome!

Normally we ask minimum  30% deposit payment with booking confirmation and it is 100% refundable maximum of 60 days before booked trip.  Please be ready to settle your bill also in Cash, if requested at location, when you arrive.